Master Plan

Master Plan

Alliance River Crossing, developed by Rhodes Enterprises, Inc., is a Master-Planned Community within the City of Donna, Texas. The development will generate almost 7,000 new permanent industrial and commercial jobs and will provide plenty of open space and parks, retail areas, and schools for nearly 5,000 Donna residents in approximately 1,500 dwelling units.


The approximately 900 acres of Texas manufacturing, industrial and commercial/retail development will produce approximately 6.5 million square feet of industrial development. This represents approximately 1.2 million square feet of mixed-use commercial/retail and office. Planned are 590 dwelling units of multi-family housing and approximately 1,500 dwelling units of single-family detached housing. Approximately 300 acres of the floodway will be maintained as undeveloped property and designated as Green Space Preserve.

Alliance River Crossing’s residential development will generate approximately 2,850 new students for the Donna Independent School district over the next 10-15 years, as the demand for new housing builds. At the ratios the Donna ISD uses for students per household for new construction and the student-teacher ratio plus student-staff ratio, the new residential housing in Alliance River Crossing will generate the need for hiring 18 new teachers per year and 30 new school staff per year, for a total of 480 new school hires over the estimated 10-year period of residential development.


Recreation and visual amenities are key components of Alliance River Crossing. The Master Plan envisions a network of parks and linkage corridors. The residential neighborhoods will have green access to the neighborhood community centers and easy access to the hike and bike trails that will surround the residential sections. An extensive network of trails will connect various portions of the community. Trails will be built along drainage ways, roads and easements, to create attractive green spaces within the community. As neighborhood retail centers develop, hike and bike trails will be linked to those centers to lessen the impact of automobile traffic. Rhodes Enterprises has proposed to build a new elementary school within Alliance River Crossing to allow the school to move away from the major traffic corridor along Military Highway.


Alliance River Crossing will include a wide range of mixed-use developments. All development will respond to the changing demands of the residents and the City of Donna over the 25 to 30 year period this project will require for full build-out. The Master Plan encompasses elements for a total planning community meeting the multiple needs and demands to stimulate and maintain growth in this area. Such long-range planning must, of course, contain flexibility for adjustments in the various planning elements in order to meet the evolving need for service. With professional planning and flexibility from the City of Donna and Rhodes Enterprises, we expect to see tremendous growth in the taxable value of the properties within Alliance River Crossing, as well as in the properties of all Donna and Mid-Valley residents.